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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mary Moh's Pumpkin, Prawns and Coconut Soup (Thai)

Today I am making a recipe from a Foodbuzz friend, Mary Moh: Pumpkin, Prawns and Coconut Soup (Thai). Check the full recipe at Mary's blog. Her blog is awesome, she cooks everyday and she seems to be a wonderful, happy person. I wish I could meet her. 

The soup turned out delicious! I used spaghetti squash, as I had too many to use up, that's why there are no chunks of pumpkin showing. 

Thanks, Mary, for the wonderful recipe!


  1. Miriam, your soup looks very delicious. I'm really glad that you like my recipe. Now we both have to agree that Thai food is really good.By the way, I have not seen a spaghetti squash. I think I have to look for a picture of it.

  2. Hi Mary, I have to agree with you! I posted a picture of one of my spaghetti squash for you. They can be small or medium sized. After they cook, they shred like noodles! :)